About Dynofy

Dynofy started off as a simple script for monitoring our own server and APIs. Later on realising its potential we extended in to a full-fledged application. The application is written in Python's Flask Framework with backend on MongoDB. The front-end uses AngularJS and jQuery for enhancing the application's user-friendliness. We have taken utmost care for information security. This is the first ever Cloud Monitoring System developed in India. Send us your queries and feedback to contact@dynofy.com

Abhishek Gahlot


Abhishek is a fanatic developer with a strong hold in Python. He single handedly started CloudTub - A cloud based file sharing system in Laravel. He always believes that only ideas dictate the choice of technology stack and not vice versa. In his past time, he loves to spend his time at Stack Overflow.

Shubhamoy Chakrabarty


Shubhamoy loves to experiment with ideas and new technologies. He started with blogging and later moved to programming mainly PHP/MySQL. In recent times, he shifted his focus more on iterating ideas. He loves to spend his spare time by clicking photographs.

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